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Warning : The itch.io demo is less advanced than the one distributed to Ulule contributors.


- Balancing the game

- Charge Beam is now more powerfull

- Bosses have less energy

- Level design fixes

The demo includes:

  1. The first 3 levels in ALPHA
  2. Infinite lives

Enceladus is a shoot'em up inspired by the Playstation & Saturn era infused with mecanical gameplay and modern artistic style.

Easy to handle, skill will be needed in order to beat the 8 levels available, of which 2 are very well hidden.

The player takes control of « Frost », a spaceship capable of firing energy blast or to channel a very powerful laser. He also has the ability to trigger a powerful explosion, ideal to get yourself out of trouble.

The number one asset of « Frost » is his ability to teleport. By a simple push of a button, it is possible to create a ghost of Frost while still defending yourself. By letting go of that same button « Frost » teleports to the ghost's location.

That technology allows you to move faster, to dodge overwhelming shots but also to gain acces to unaccessable zones.

Teleportation needs practice, but once mastered « Frost » becomes so much harder to destroy.

"Far down the road in Human history, an abnormality in space-time suddently appeared on one of Saturn's moon : Encelade.

Spaceships of an unknown origin take the human fleet by surprise. A real genocide.

Earth also seems to be overwhelmed by the assault and only a small group, scouting near Encelade manageto avoid the attack. By approching the icy surface of the moon there is still one last hope of a counter attack againt the ennemy from another world."

The scenario, as you can see, is as one of an oscar winning science fiction movie. Joke aside, it's a pretext to gameplay but especially a reason for the atmosphere and the environment we were looking for : Encelade.

I was looking for a mysterious, icy and cold universe outside of our planet. This moon fitted exactly those criteras, beautifull, enigmatic and according to today's scientist, full of promesses. It naturally imposed itself as the principal landscape for our game.

Storybird was created in 2008, we prove ourself by pusblishing around 10 games on different platforms such as PS3 or WiiU, with games like « Chronicles of Teddy ».

We are very accessible and responsive on social networks, you can reach us via our Facebook or Twitter page « Ulule ». Our community is extremely important to us and we welcome and answer any remarks or questions.

The game is already in an advanced state of creation, the first 3 levels are available, playable copies will be regulary shared with all contributors to insure and allow you to take part of the projet. I am open to any suggetions as long as it doesnt go against the primairy ideas of what Enceladus is.

Enceladus is a serious and very concrete project. I am personnaly available to answer any question throughout the developpement of the game (around 10.000 lines of code !) The playable demo, which is already ready, will be quickly accessible to contributors.

This project is probably the most important one to my eyes since the creation of Storybird, it reflects all of my desires as a video game developper. To share the growth of the game with players is one of a lifetime opportunity that I had to grab.

Isn't it super cool to be able to take part of the developpement of an independent Shoot'Em up ?


We have the chance of being partner with « Look at My Game » to create the major part of Enceladus. However, we have complete control over the game and its content and I have the will to stay completely independent.

We need two more months on financial support to allow us to completly finish up the game to match the quality expectation we were aiming for at the beginning.

To create a game by myself is like climbing a mountain, but with a timer and pockets filled with bills. Your help will allow me to finish Enceladus with a clear mind as well as finance the necessary tools of communication around the game with the support of a graphic artist.

Your voice, and only yours truely matters ! To improve, polish and finish Enceladus, it will all be done with your help. That project must be developped with players, for players, and Ulule allows us to make it happen.

Enceladus must stay independent and free to create its own representation of the Shoot'em Up gender.

Independence is key, it allows to communicate how we think is best without having to fear from an editor willing to control the entire communication around the game. We consider organising regular live shows on twitch.tv in order to discuss the overall advancement of the game, just like we did in the past ( check the replay here ) with the participation of the website « Rom-game », MO5 association or Gamekult.

Who am I ?

I'm Julien Rocca from Storybird Studio. I'm the creator of the game Finding Teddy that we developed with my friend Romain Dubuc (available on iOS, Android, MAC, WiiU, PS4). More recently, we released Gun's of Mercy for mobile..

I'm officially a game developer since 2006. Like any passionate and autodidact developer, I create game since way before ;)

We also are editor for the game Aggelos, which should be released this summer.

We have a twitter and Facebook account.

Feel free to come and drop a word, it's quite funny there and we answer to everyone :)

More information

Published 65 days ago
StatusIn development
Tags16-bit, 2D, hardcore, Pixel Art, Retro, saturn, Shoot 'Em Up, Shooter
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Gamepad (any)


enceladus itchio.zip (57 MB)


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It is nice, like Touhou, but the controls are not friendly

A few things I could think to mention after trying the demo:

- The game ran well on my non-gaming laptop in full screen, and sensed my third-party 360 controller without any problems.

- The Radiant Silvergun feel here is particularly strong, particularly in the music, though the laser's obviously a shoutout to DoDonPachi. I generally like what I've seen of the overall art style and theme you're going for.

- Speaking of the laser, definitely tone down the glow effects on it, or at least offer an option to do so, as it's intense enough to make anything it overlaps, enemy bullets included, hard to see.

- On a related note, I found myself using the laser almost constantly, as the "normal" shot feels too weak to bring down all but the weakest enemies before they leave the screen; the only times I used it was when the laser's "focused" movement speed was too slow for me to get where I was going.

- Powerups seemed rather rare (and apparently you can destroy them accidentally?), and losing a life downgrades your shot, so I spent a lot of my time at the starting power level, which made the bullet-sponge boss fights (particularly the third one) last even longer. You might want to retool the powerup system so players don't feel unduly handicapped.

- Definitely add some kind of visible warning before the come-from-behind enemies appear; deaths you can't see coming feel cheap, and the common "well, now you know, and can avoid them next time" is a cop-out . An audio cue to signal when the smart bomb is available would also be nice.

- As it stands now the teleport feels awkward to use; you've got plenty of meter so you're encouraged to take your time and plan your destination, but since your ship remains vulnerable the entire time it's both risky to plan too long (especially in fast-scrolling segments and bullet-heavy boss fights) and near-impossible to use on reaction, since whatever's bearing down on you will kill you before you can move the cursor to a safe spot. If you haven't already, you might want to try titles like Valkyrius and Zangeki Warp to observe other ways to implement a teleport mechanic.

Overall there's a lot of potential here, but IMO the gameplay needs tightening up; hopefully there's something here you can use. Let me know if there's anything you'd like me to clarify/expand upon, and best of luck with the project.

Thank you for your feedback, they are very interesting and I take note of your remarks, thank you for taking the time to send them to me!

I'm a fan of the shmup genre (Cave, Raiden,  Treasure). And Guns of Mercy is already part of my daily gaming that I make time for throughout the day.  So therefore, had to try this out once i heard about it.

I found this game to be a bit bizarre, not in the bad sense but just different. And perhaps thats a good thing.  Everything from the graphic styling to the music was very different than what I'm use to seeing in other shmups.  Its kinda like a mix of the typical bullet-hell genre, mixed with the teleportation of Velocity Ultra/Penelope. Slightly slower paced but still has many tense moments.

I didn't quite enjoy the first level too much. I initially thought those diamonds you first see were powerups or collectibles - to my surprise they weren't. The level pacing and patterns felt strange. The music was also bizarre. The whole entire time i forgot that I can even teleport. But that was just the first level.

The second level i thoroughly enjoyed quite more. It kinda reminded me the second level from Ikaruga. Obviously now I had to make use of the teleportation. The same with the 3rd level. However, this is trial by fire type game. Even skilled shmup players will die many times (perhaps a bit much from the looks of it) until they can actually memorize the level properly. 

I did enjoy the boss fights though. They were insanely overwhelming but it was fun and done well.

All in all, i enjoyed the game. Definitely looking to see how it all turns out.

Hello, sorry to have put a lot of time to respond.

Thanks for your feedback! I'm glad you liked the demo, it is obvious that the game is much too difficult! It is also the interest of this demo, to have your opinion!

I will improve these aspects of the game, I will try to update the demo in the coming days :)

Thanks again !

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Hello and thank you for your feedback! I am French and I speak very bad English, so there are surely many faults in the description of the game :)

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I adored this demo.

Though the amount of health on the bosses was almost ridiculous at times, the atypically melancholy music score, surreal backdrops that actually force you to watch where you're flying and the teleportation gimmick were all wonderful.

I'd love to see how this develops, should you get funded, though I've noticed rather a large amount of spelling and grammar issues in the description.

Otherwise, good luck!