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Yeah this game is rad, the style is super easy to get down with. A little more considerations with the level layout could maximise the potential fun to be had. What an incredible body of work so far. This game needs to be made!

There's a bug: when I choose the character, the program shuts down, I just can´t play the game.

Hey! I played this demo a while back, I loved it a lot! check out the video!

Is excellent your game but it would be better and could personalize my character as hair color, skin and thanks thanks for reading

I feel like dashing was very fun and fast, while the charge attack felt weak, both dealt 3 damage, but the dash pierced, gave a little invinsibility, and took less time. Long story short, make the charge attack a bit more powerful.

I think it would be fine if the charge was a bit quicker or if the longer you charged teh stronger it got. Either way I'd like to see an indicator for the percentage you are charged

is this computer compatible?

wtf how do i start it what the fuck is start button at




On en parle un peu ici. J'espère vraiment que ce projet va trouver quelqu'un pour le financer. C'est trop beau et malin pour ne pas exister :) Courage !

It crashes right after character selection.

Windows 10 64-bits.


If you want me to send you more info, just ask, I'll be happy to help!

I found it tiring having to walk back and forth to gather coins that fall behind killed enemies. They fall too far behind me.

When i use skill to kill monster at the air, i stuck at the air and can't move

There are still bugs in the demo, it's a prototype, it happens :/

If the player walks out of the screen when the camera locks itself into a fixed frame, like the first large wooden door, the player cannot move back inside the visible area and has to restart.

I downloaded the zip but when i try to open the .exe it says it's not designed for windows or that ir contains an error, what could be the problem? Please help i want to play this so bad.

There maybe some problems wicth W10 ... Did you unzip the package before starting the .exe ?

I did unzip the package, but i have w7 32 bits

Great work, but PLEASE add controller support! The last arcade game I used a keyboard for was Space War/Computer Space back in the 70's!

Strange because you can play witch a 360 or PS4 controller :/

A-ha! It was my old controller giving up the ghost, finally. Plugged in anew one and yes, it works!

Great demo! I love the art and character design. Make the jumping a little less floaty, and you'll have a winner.

You should ship MSVCR110.dll with the game, otherwise it won't run out of the box on Windows 10.

I just add a zip file below, there are the missing .DLLs inside. Download it and add the dlls into your folder :)

Fantastic sidescroller!!! :D Loved everything about this!! The Artstyle! The Controller! The awesomeness!! Can't wait for the full release!!

Stay Rad Everybody!!

Thanks !

Really cool. Definitely will be Greenlight!

I made a video of the demo, had fun with G&B. I did see a bug though, my mercenary got stuck in the left corner when an enemy came to attack me. He was stuck too and kept attacking while I couldn't move or hit.

It's a demo, so there are some bugs :/

Of course, I just wanted to mention it. It wasn't a game stopper, just died once.


Thanks :)

As a huge Tales of Phantasia fan I like what I see here. Upvoted on greenlight. A video would be nice.

Very beautiful game! I'd pay for a full game! Keep up the good work!


Incredible game

is bug?


Yup, a great bug ! xD Sorry


Bugs in development is as natural as breathing.

So Cool LoL

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Vraiment sympa et fun ! Le genre de jeu auquel j'accroche de suite.

Le fait qu'un potentiel mode multijoueur fasse son apparition c'est vraiment un gros plus. Pour le premier boss la mécanique est original, c'est toujours sympa de réfléchir un peu au lieu simplement appuyer sur une touche pour faire du dégât, donc si dans les niveaux suivant ces mécaniques changent alors c'est du tout bon.

En ce qui concerne l'attaque chargé peut être lui permettre d'être effectué également vers le haut (Ou alors c'est possible mais j'ai pas réussi ...!)

L'esquive est pas super intuitive on ne sait pas trop quand sont nos frames d'invulnérabilité (cf : la phase 2 du boss avec sa lance, je ne savais pas trop comment l'esquivé), peut être à l'aide d'une petite explication (comme pour l'attaque chargé) ça en aidera plus d'un.

Le design j'accroche, je trouve ça super jolie.

Du jolie boulot, vraiment hâte de connaitre la suite ! Bon courage !

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Merci pour tes retours ! PS : j'adore ton avatar ;p