A downloadable game for Windows

AGGELOS is a retro ActionRPG demo.

In this demo, you'll explore the world, searching for the princess, but to achieve your goal, you'll have to fight, earn experience and acquire the two essences required to beat Lord Vammer.

Collect items, solve enigmas, and help the world's inhabitants to succeed on your mission.

Note: the AGGELOS demo is only playable on PC systems.

If your pad is not working properly with the game, please try installing the joytokey : http://joytokey.net/en/download

A game by Wonderboy Bobi, Storybird - 2016



Contact :





Aggelos demo.exe 20 MB


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Wonderboy-bobi/STORYBIRD - This game rocks!
I've been playing the demo for the last few days on Linux using WINE.
Do you ever plan on doing a Linux port?
Wonderboy is one of my most favorite series and this game has got
all of what I love about it! The only issue I have is that I think I'm
about to win the DEMO and then I won't be able to have any more fun
with it till the full game is released. 8)

What is the final game's eta?
I read an old text where FEBUARY 2017 was given as a possible
release time but obviously, that time has passed.

I don't use STEAM or support DRM.
Will AGGELOS be available to purchase from ITCH.IO when complete?
I hope so!!!

The game is awesome, great job!
Very anxious to play the final full version! 8)

Hey there... Any progress on the game? I really loved the demo.

https://www.egx.net/rezzed/2018/show-floor ;)




Did you finish this game?

I gave the demo of Aggelos a short run on my weekly indie game series Games and CHiLL. I enjoyed it! Very solid mechanics and it feels great to control! Looking forward to seeing a full release!


I couldn't find a way to rebind the controls on keyboard. PLEASE add a way to do this—ESDF to move and IO to attack and jump feels unnatural for most people.

It's a very good game i want to spend lot of time on it !!!!!!

fantastic game

I enjoyed a lot. A promising metroidvania.

Its like a 2-D Legend of Zelda


Hmm odd i press enter but when i get to the first dialogue i cant do anything.. Please help cause id love to try this

Same thing happened to me I got it to work going and fiddleing in options before starting the main game. :) :P

Please inform us when your game is finished. I'd love to play it!

Love the combat and art style!

This game looks great, you seem to be doing great work!

Is there any more news on Eon, though? I love SOTB and really want to see this game finished!

Thanks, Eon is one of the most important project to me. But I need my society to grow up before :/

Well I'm glad you haven't dropped it completely, and I really look forward to it in the future. :)


Great game! I downloaded the demo to do a Let's Play on my YouTube channel, and I'm very impressed by what I played! I would love to do a series on the completed game, so I'll definitely be keeping an eye on this one! Keep it up! :D

This is a fun game. Cannot wait to play the next update. Keep it up.


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[Long Comment Warning]

I downloaded this game only yesterday, but I'm already liking it a lot! The level design is nice, the puzzles aren't too ridiculous (so far), and the game is challenging, but FAIR, which I really appreciate. It shares some similarities to Shovel Knight, but I suppose it's inevitable that the two will be compared. This isn't a bad thing, however! I do have some suggestions though, most of which have already been touched on by a few commenters below:

- As retsmuga said, the Living Fireballs are a bit of a pain to deal with, especially in tight hallways. As he also said, an indicator for being underwater would be a nice touch. Something as simple as a little air bubble around the player would probably suffice.

- A better method for executing the Dash attack would be very much appreciated. I think that the double tap thing just leaves too much room for error which could potentially REALLY screw someone over just because they didn't get the command perfect. I would suggest maybe just having it so that you hold in the direction that you want to dash, then perhaps double tap the attack button? Or maybe as tboctavan suggested, have a button dedicated only to the Dash. I feel as if that would be a bit more intuitive to use.

- Similarly, I think that the Mole Attack could use some tweaking as well. Again, comparing it to Shovel Knight, it would "feel" better if instead of having to re-execute the attack every time you land a hit on a monster or destructible piece of environment, it would only reset when you hit the ground.

Other than those few things, I didn't have any real issues with this game. It's well put together, it's challenging but fair, the graphics look very nice and definitely have the NES vibe, and is just a nice game overall. Great work to all the folks involved in putting this game together, and I can't wait to see the full version!

Thanks for this developped comment. It's a good idea to indicate the fact you can't fireball underwater, I will do something.

We had many feedback about the dash excution and arrange this also. And for the mole attack you'll just have to let down plus button pressed to keep doing it in the final version:)

Awesome, I'm really glad to hear that! Thanks for reading everyone's comments and considering their feedback, this game really deserves to be the best it can possibly be. Again, I can't wait to play the full version

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Good game. But, a suggestion: a dedicated button for dashing instead of a double tap. Not everyone who plays has the dexterity to pull that off. Myself, having cerebral palsy, lack the nimbleness in my fingers that this maneuver calls for (even on a joypad). I know I am one of many, but I feel like no one ever considers something like this when they make a game double tap to dash or "MASH X TO WIN" type QTEs.

Here is a video I made on the game!

Started playing through the game, wasn't impressed at first, but it's growing on me. I've only just begun discovering the extra abilities, NPC's charm, and fantastic environments, and this game seriously packs a punch.

Great work everybody! I look forward to the full release~

had a hard time learning the controls.

After a bit of trial and error I learned that sdf is for movement and o for jump, i for attack. O_o


Awesome game! love the pixel art, and the level design is very clever. For the most part, the enemies are very well designed, making a really cool gameplay


The purple flowers are a bit hard and frustrating compared to the other enemies, same with the living fireballs. It would be cool if there is an indicator that you can't drown underwater(its a bit weird). When you get the fire power you also get the ability to create portals, in my opinion it makes a bit confusing to have to learn both at the same time.


Absoloutely LOVE the game, really cool retro feel. Would like to get WASD controls soon though, and how do I get pass the iron gate in spooky forrest below the red chest? ;-;


this game deserves to be as popular as shovel knight

needs more screenshake

also whats with the esdf io controls?


esdf control is not usual but we chose esdf keys because they are comon to qwerty and azerty keyboards.

Beautiful. It`s so nice to see people still care about the Wonderboy series. Metroidvanias before it was cool! ;)


Have a look at his EON ; not a bad project either : ))

You can't be a hero until you can beat a bear!

This. Game. Rocks. Period, exclamation point, any other punctuation mark you want to put at the end of that phrase. This game is perfect.

Aggelos plays like a mix of Zelda II and A Link To The Past. Not that that's a bad thing, it's a hearkening to the 16-bit era, where fancy graphics couldn't mask a shoddy game, like what we're experiencing in mainstream gaming more often than not.

The controls, once you configure them to your liking, are flawless. The graphics look like they were ripped from a 16-bit console. The music, despite being more 8-bit than 16-bit, fit every area I went to.

Usually, I would point out some flaws I found in the game. That being said, there are NO flaws that I can find. This is a perfect demo, and will surely turn into a perfect game.

In the purist biblical sense of the word, I am in awe of this game. You guys have my support in the Steam Greenlight!

Thanks man !

Long time I don't play a platform game as fun as this! I can't wait to play the full version! Congratulations.

Thanks !

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It feels good to play again this kind of game ; with good atmosphere. Everything i have seen so far is great. Especially the none abstract graphics.